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Fredy Boy The Band

Fred Beato recognized his appreciation for rock and roll from the day he landed in America in 1962, from Havana, Cuba.  It was an immediate fascination and adoration for American pop music and Elvis Presley, (the King of Rock of Roll), that only a few months later was magnified 1,000 X’s  by the arrival of the Beatles, (the greatest band, ever!), and the British Invasion.  Fred Beato became hooked on drumming and was an active player for many years.  Later, he channeled his knowledge of drumming to become the founder and CEO of Beato Bags, never totally abandoning his first love, music.  Beato had the good fortune of teaming up again with his former band-mate from his teenage years and recording artist, Tom Croucier, along with his dear friend, Grammy wining drummer, Raul Pineda.  True to their classic rock roots, Beato & Croucier began writing and producing original music. Their unique combination of rock, pop and Latin sounds was enhanced by the skills and instincts of the renowned Raul Pineda.  Together they formed the band, Fredy Boy.  The result is their debut album, Tail Of The Shark  (now on ITunes).


Tom Croucier’s destiny as a lead singer and performer began in his high school years with the band, The Symbols of Tyme, where he met Fred Beato.  He went on to sing professionally, performing for a while with Carlos Santana after their “amigos” record. Tom played bass on the Vic Vergat project on Capitol records which then led him to Europe where he was invited by Dieter Dierks to play bass on the Scorpions “Blackout” record. Tom’s bass is featured on the Scorpions hit “No One Like You” and other tracks on that record.  Back in the US, he and his band, Life By Night were signed to Manhattan Records a subsidiary of EMI records. His song and video “Phone to Phone,” were on moderate rotation on MTV for the entire summer of 1986.  Tom played bass with The Turtles featuring Flow and Eddy while also recording  two records for a Japanese band, Air Pavilion and other recording projects.  Tom continues writing his own music and records in his home studio, playing bass and singing with Fredy Boy as well as other artists in the Los Angeles Area.


Iliana Rose is a fantastic musician. Born in Miami and raised by Cuban parents and grandparents she is steeped in Cuban rhythms and culture. Being a genuine prodigy she started playing music at the age of four. After years of classical training, Iliana graduated from the prestigious University of Miami as well as the National Piano Guild with performance degrees. 

She moved to Los Angeles and began her musical career by performing live shows with her band, “The iliana Rose Cuban Jazz Band.” iliana has also been playing on national TV shows, composing music for films, arranging songs for Latin jazz bands with up to twenty five pieces, producing full length albums and playing recording sessions. 

As a singer her voice is pure, warm, sensual and beautiful to listen to. Iliana astounds audiences by singing in English, Spanish, Italian, Hebrew and Portuguese. She has the unique rhythmic ability to phrase perfect riffs which is only given to a natural born jazz singers.


The versatile guitarist Pablo Padilla was born in Spain. In his home country, he was involved in a decent amount of tours and sessions, ranging from cover bands/independent artists to #1 artists selling arenas/platinum albums. Two years ago he decided it was time to pursuit his longtime dream of being inmersed in L.A. music scene as all his musical heroes are based in this city. It has being an inmense growth period since then. Pablo loves L.A







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Fredy Boy The Band

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